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Package test contains test utilities



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const (
	// Hello is the echo message
	Hello = "Hi, there!\n"


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func RunAccessLogServer

func RunAccessLogServer(ctx context.Context, als *AccessLogService, port uint)

RunAccessLogServer starts an accesslog service.

func RunHTTP

func RunHTTP(ctx context.Context, upstreamPort uint)

RunHTTP opens a simple listener on the port.

func RunManagementGateway

func RunManagementGateway(ctx context.Context, srv xds.Server, port uint)

RunManagementGateway starts an HTTP gateway to an xDS server.

func RunManagementServer

func RunManagementServer(ctx context.Context, server xds.Server, port uint)

RunManagementServer starts an xDS server at the given port.


type AccessLogService

type AccessLogService struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

AccessLogService buffers access logs from the remote Envoy nodes.

func (*AccessLogService) Dump

func (svc *AccessLogService) Dump(f func(string))

Dump releases the collected log entries and clears the log entry list.

func (*AccessLogService) StreamAccessLogs

func (svc *AccessLogService) StreamAccessLogs(stream als.AccessLogService_StreamAccessLogsServer) error

StreamAccessLogs implements the access log service.

type Hasher

type Hasher struct {

Hasher returns node ID as an ID

func (Hasher) ID

func (h Hasher) ID(node *core.Node) string

ID function


Path Synopsis
Package main contains the test driver for testing xDS manually.
Package main contains the test driver for testing xDS manually.
Package resource creates test xDS resources
Package resource creates test xDS resources

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