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type ClusterController

type ClusterController struct {
	Context common.Context

ClusterController provide kubernetes cluster api

func (*ClusterController) Deployment

func (c *ClusterController) Deployment(context *gin.Context)

Deployment get deployment instance

func (*ClusterController) Deployments

func (c *ClusterController) Deployments(context *gin.Context)

Deployments list deployments

func (*ClusterController) Endpoint

func (c *ClusterController) Endpoint(context *gin.Context)

Endpoint get endpoint instance

func (*ClusterController) Endpoints

func (c *ClusterController) Endpoints(context *gin.Context)

Endpoints list endpoints

func (*ClusterController) Namespaces

func (c *ClusterController) Namespaces(context *gin.Context)

Namespaces list namespaces

func (*ClusterController) Pod

func (c *ClusterController) Pod(context *gin.Context)

Pod get pod instance

func (*ClusterController) PodLog

func (c *ClusterController) PodLog(context *gin.Context)

PodLog get pod log

func (*ClusterController) Pods

func (c *ClusterController) Pods(context *gin.Context)

Pods list pods

func (*ClusterController) ReplicaSet

func (c *ClusterController) ReplicaSet(context *gin.Context)

ReplicaSet get replicaSet instance

func (*ClusterController) Service

func (c *ClusterController) Service(context *gin.Context)

Service get service instance

func (*ClusterController) Services

func (c *ClusterController) Services(context *gin.Context)

Services list services

type IstioController

type IstioController struct {
	Context common.Context

IstioController istio api controller

func (*IstioController) AddVersionToDestinationRule

func (c *IstioController) AddVersionToDestinationRule(context *gin.Context)

AddVersionToDestinationRule add version to destination rule

func (*IstioController) DestinationRule

func (c *IstioController) DestinationRule(context *gin.Context)

DestinationRule get destination rule instances

func (*IstioController) DestinationRules

func (c *IstioController) DestinationRules(context *gin.Context)

DestinationRules get destination rule

func (*IstioController) RemoveVersionToDestinationRule

func (c *IstioController) RemoveVersionToDestinationRule(context *gin.Context)

RemoveVersionToDestinationRule remove version from destination rule

func (*IstioController) VirtualService

func (c *IstioController) VirtualService(context *gin.Context)

VirtualService get virtual service instance

func (*IstioController) VirtualServices

func (c *IstioController) VirtualServices(context *gin.Context)

VirtualServices list virtual service

type KTController

type KTController struct {
	Context common.Context

KTController KTController

func (KTController) Components

func (c KTController) Components(context *gin.Context)

Components Components

func (KTController) ComponentsInNamespace

func (c KTController) ComponentsInNamespace(context *gin.Context)

ComponentsInNamespace ComponentsInNamespace

type TerminalController

type TerminalController struct {
	Context common.Context

TerminalController terminal rest api

func (*TerminalController) Terminal

func (c *TerminalController) Terminal(context *gin.Context)

Terminal ...

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