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The basics of setting vertex properties using the SetVertexProperty and AddProperty function.


set-vertex-property demonstrates how to set or add vertex properties in two ways. First way is using the Grammes client with SetVertexProperty and the second is with a Vertex struct and using the AddProperty function. They both do the same thing, but you can use either when convenient. They either ADD or OVERWRITE the current value of the properties of the vertex.


  • go 1.12
  • Git
  • Elastic Search
  • Cassandra
    • Java 8


To run this test you will need a TinkerPop server running and a graph database to connect to locally. This example was tested while using JanusGraph which can be used by locating yourself to the root directory of the Grammes project.

cd $GOPATH/src/

After locating yourself here then you may change directory to the /scripts folder.

cd scripts

Finally you may run the script to begin a local instance of JanusGraph. This will begin the TinkerPop server for you as well.


For further instructions please find yourself to the root file.


General steps
  • Create a zap logger to help explain what's going on in the test and display the results.
  • Creates a Grammes client that connects to a locally hosted TinkerPop server with a WebSocket.
    • For testing this was created using JanusGraph. This can be run in the /scripts directory.
  • Drop all of the possible interfering vertices that were already on the graph.
  • Defer a drop of all the testing vertices. This is done as clean up.

Test specific steps
  • Adds testing vertices
  • Sets/Adds properties to the vertices after they're created
    • Using the GraphManager
    • Using the Vertex struct


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