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Take a list of domains and probe for working http and https servers.


This is a customized version. Based on the original httprobe, several more features are added:

  • Supports scan IP segment as input
  • SUpports scanning specific ports within the IP / IP segment
  • Shows the title of the website (if exists)
  • Shows the status code of the respose header
  • Shows the content length of the respose data (if exists in reposnse header)
  • Shows whether the input ports are open

Original Repo:	

Basic Usage

httprobe accepts line-delimited domains on stdin:

echo [IP/IP segment] | ./[httprobe] [variables]
cat [input file] | ./[httprobe] [variables]
./[httprobe] -h
Example Usage
echo | ./httprobe -p 443,8080 -t 1000
cat domains.txt | ./httprobe -p 8080 -t 500 -s
[ip],[url],[title],[status],[content-length],[port open/not]


  • If no content-length is found, shows -1
  • Supports Chinese title(using gbk for windows env, and utf-8 for mac/linux)
  • While using -s, by default the ':80' or ':443' will NOT be scanned


The Go Gopher

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