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func Chmod

func Chmod(path string, perm os.FileMode) (err error)

func ChownR

func ChownR(path string, user, group string) (err error)

func Copy

func Copy(dir, source, dest string, presv bool) (err error)

func CopyFile

func CopyFile(dir, source, dest string, presv bool) (err error)

func CopyFiles

func CopyFiles(source, dest string, presv bool) (err error)

func Create

func Create(path string) (file *os.File, err error)

func CreateWrite

func CreateWrite(path string, data string) (err error)

func Exec

func Exec(dir, name string, arg ...string) (err error)

func ExecInput

func ExecInput(dir, input, name string, arg ...string) (err error)

func ExecOutput

func ExecOutput(dir, name string, arg ...string) (output string, err error)

func Exists

func Exists(path string) (exists bool, err error)

func ExistsMakeDir

func ExistsMakeDir(path string) (err error)

func Filename

func Filename(path string) string

func FindExt

func FindExt(path, ext string) (matches []string, err error)

func FindMatch

func FindMatch(path, match string) (matches []string, err error)

func GetDirSize

func GetDirSize(path string) (size int, err error)

func HttpGet

func HttpGet(url, output string) (err error)

func MkdirAll

func MkdirAll(path string) (err error)

func Move

func Move(source, dest string) (err error)

func Open

func Open(path string) (file *os.File, err error)

func PullContainers

func PullContainers() (err error)

func RandStr

func RandStr(n int) (str string)

func ReadDir

func ReadDir(path string) (items []os.FileInfo, err error)

func ReadFile

func ReadFile(path string) (data []byte, err error)

func Remove

func Remove(path string) (err error)

func RemoveAll

func RemoveAll(path string) (err error)

func Rsync

func Rsync(source, dest string) (err error)

func RsyncExt

func RsyncExt(source, dest, ext string) (err error)

func RsyncMatch

func RsyncMatch(source, dest, match string) (err error)


type CopyError

type CopyError struct {

type ExecError

type ExecError struct {

type ExistsError

type ExistsError struct {

type HttpError

type HttpError struct {

type ReadError

type ReadError struct {

type WriteError

type WriteError struct {

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