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func AbosutePath

func AbosutePath(pth string) string

func CopyFile

func CopyFile(src, dst string) (int64, error)

func Download

func Download(url string, dst string)

func FileExist

func FileExist(path string) bool

func GetExeDir

func GetExeDir() string

func GetExtName

func GetExtName(pathOrUrl string) string

func GetFileName

func GetFileName(pathOrUrl string) string

func GetFileNameWithoutExt

func GetFileNameWithoutExt(pathOrUrl string) string

func GetFilesFromParams

func GetFilesFromParams(arguments []string) []string

func GetWorkDir

func GetWorkDir() string

func GetZipSingleDir

func GetZipSingleDir(path string) string

func HTTPDownload

func HTTPDownload(uri string) ([]byte, error)

func IsAbosutePath

func IsAbosutePath(pth string) bool

func IsDir

func IsDir(f string) bool

func MkDirIfNeeded

func MkDirIfNeeded(dir string) error

func ReadFile

func ReadFile(filePath string) string

func ReadFileBuf

func ReadFileBuf(filePath string) []byte

func UpdateDir

func UpdateDir(pth string) string

func Upload

func Upload(url string, files []string, extraParams map[string]string)

func WriteDownloadFile

func WriteDownloadFile(dst string, d []byte) error

func WriteFile

func WriteFile(filePath string, content string)

func ZipFiles

func ZipFiles(dist string, dir string, files []string) error


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