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Package timeconv contains utilities for converting time.

The gRPC/Protobuf libraries contain time implementations that require conversion to and from Go times. This library provides utilities and convenience functions for performing conversions.



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func Format

func Format(ts *timestamp.Timestamp, layout string) string

Format formats a *timestamp.Timestamp into a string.

This follows the rules for time.Time.Format().

func Now

func Now() *timestamp.Timestamp

Now creates a timestamp.Timestamp representing the current time.

func String

func String(ts *timestamp.Timestamp) string

String formats the timestamp into a user-friendly string.

Currently, this uses the 'time.ANSIC' format string, but there is no guarantee that this will not change.

This is a convenience function for formatting timestamps for user display.

func Time

func Time(ts *timestamp.Timestamp) time.Time

Time converts a protobuf *timestamp.Timestamp to a time.Time.

func Timestamp

func Timestamp(t time.Time) *timestamp.Timestamp

Timestamp converts a time.Time to a protobuf *timestamp.Timestamp.


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