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type Blocker

type Blocker struct {
	Number     int
	Title, URL string

Blocker specifies an issue number that should block tide from merging.

type Blockers

type Blockers struct {
	Repo   map[orgRepo][]Blocker       `json:"repo,omitempty"`
	Branch map[orgRepoBranch][]Blocker `json:"branch,omitempty"`

Blockers holds maps of issues that are blocking various repos/branches.

func FindAll

func FindAll(ghc githubClient, log *logrus.Entry, label string, orgs, repos sets.String) (Blockers, error)

FindAll finds issues with label in the specified orgs/repos that should block tide.

func (Blockers) GetApplicable

func (b Blockers) GetApplicable(org, repo, branch string) []Blocker

GetApplicable returns the subset of blockers applicable to the specified branch.

type Issue

type Issue struct {
	Number     githubv4.Int
	Title      githubv4.String
	HTMLURL    githubv4.String
	Repository struct {
		Name  githubv4.String
		Owner struct {
			Login githubv4.String

Issue holds graphql response data about issues TODO: validate that fields are populated properly

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