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go-gmail is an up-and-coming GMail library in Golang. For now it only supports sending e-mail using authenticated SMTP.


Assuming you have a working Go environment, installation is simple:

go get github.com/njern/gogmail

You can take a look at the documentation locally with:

godoc github.com/njern/gogmail

The included tests in gogmail_test.go also illustrate usage of the package.

Note: You must enter a valid GMail address / password in gogmail_test.go or the tests will fail! For obvious reasons I did not leave my own address / password in the test file... :)


import "github.com/njern/gogmail"
import "log"

gmail := gogmail.GmailConnection("gmailuser@gmail.com", "my_password")

err := gmail.SendMail([]string{"niclas@walkbase.com"}, "Hello go-gmail!", "Looks like go-gmail is working just fine!")
if err != nil {
	log.Fatal("Sending a GMail e-mail failed with error: ", err)

Future plans

  • Support for retrieving e-mail, folders, etc etc

How can you help?

  • Let me know if you're using go-gmail by dropping me a line at [github user name] at walkbase.com
  • Let me know about any bugs / annoyances the same way




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const (
	SERVER = "smtp.gmail.com"
	PORT   = 587


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type GMail

type GMail struct {
	Username string
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Gmail encapsulates an authenticated GMail user.

func GmailConnection

func GmailConnection(username, password string) *GMail

GmailConnection creates a GMail object, which encapsulates the connection to GMail's server(s).

func (*GMail) SendMail

func (gmail *GMail) SendMail(recipients []string, subject, body string, isHTML bool) error

SendMail() sends a mail via GMail - assuming you have valid credentials and a working internet connection.

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