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type Discovery

type Discovery interface {
	AddNode(string) bool           // Add an address to the discovery list
	ResumeNode(string)             // Add or resume existed address from discovery list
	RemoveNode(string) bool        // Remove an address from the discovery list
	AddNodes([]string) []string    // Add a batch of address, and return which is added
	GetAllNodes() []string         // Return all addresses this peer maintains
	GetRandomNode() string         // Return n random addresses for this peer to connect t
	GetRandomNodes(n int) []string // Return n random addresses for this peer to connect to
	FindNode(string) bool          // Find a node in the discovery list

Discovery is the interface that consolidates bootstrap peer membership selection and validating peer selection for non-validating peers

type DiscoveryImpl

type DiscoveryImpl struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DiscoveryImpl is an implementation of Discovery

func NewDiscoveryImpl

func NewDiscoveryImpl() *DiscoveryImpl

NewDiscoveryImpl is a constructor of a Discovery implementation

func (*DiscoveryImpl) AddNode

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) AddNode(address string) bool

AddNode adds an address to the discovery list

func (*DiscoveryImpl) AddNodes

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) AddNodes(addrs []string) []string

func (*DiscoveryImpl) FindNode

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) FindNode(address string) bool

FindNode returns true if its address is stored in the discovery list

func (*DiscoveryImpl) GetAllNodes

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) GetAllNodes() []string

GetAllNodes returns an array of all addresses saved in the discovery list

func (*DiscoveryImpl) GetRandomNode

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) GetRandomNode() string

func (*DiscoveryImpl) GetRandomNodes

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) GetRandomNodes(n int) []string

GetRandomNodes returns n random nodes YA-fabric 0.9: it has a stupid implement so now it just return 1 random node

func (*DiscoveryImpl) LoadDiscoveryList

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) LoadDiscoveryList(k db.PersistorKey) error

LoadDiscoveryList enables a peer to load the discovery list from the database

func (*DiscoveryImpl) RemoveNode

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) RemoveNode(address string) bool

RemoveNode removes an address from the discovery list

func (*DiscoveryImpl) ResumeNode

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) ResumeNode(address string)

func (*DiscoveryImpl) StoreDiscoveryList

func (di *DiscoveryImpl) StoreDiscoveryList(k db.PersistorKey) error

StoreDiscoveryList enables a peer to persist the discovery list to the database

type DiscoveryPersistor

type DiscoveryPersistor interface {
	LoadDiscoveryList(db.PersistorKey) error
	StoreDiscoveryList(db.PersistorKey) error

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