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func FormatRemoteURL

func FormatRemoteURL(repo Interface, protocol string) string

TODO there is a parallel implementation for non-isolated commands

func FullName

func FullName(r Interface) string

FullName serializes a GitHub repository into an "OWNER/REPO" string

func GenerateRepoURL

func GenerateRepoURL(repo Interface, p string, args ...interface{}) string

func IsSame

func IsSame(a, b Interface) bool

IsSame compares two GitHub repositories

func SetDefaultHost

func SetDefaultHost(host string)

SetDefaultHost overrides the default GitHub hostname for FromFullName. TODO: remove after FromFullName approach is revisited


type Interface

type Interface interface {
	RepoName() string
	RepoOwner() string
	RepoHost() string

Interface describes an object that represents a GitHub repository

func FromFullName

func FromFullName(nwo string) (Interface, error)

FromFullName extracts the GitHub repository information from the following formats: "OWNER/REPO", "HOST/OWNER/REPO", and a full URL.

func FromURL

func FromURL(u *url.URL) (Interface, error)

FromURL extracts the GitHub repository information from a git remote URL

func New

func New(owner, repo string) Interface

New instantiates a GitHub repository from owner and name arguments

func NewWithHost

func NewWithHost(owner, repo, hostname string) Interface

NewWithHost is like New with an explicit host name

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