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func EnvColorDisabled

func EnvColorDisabled() bool

func EnvColorForced

func EnvColorForced() bool

func Is256ColorSupported

func Is256ColorSupported() bool


type ColorScheme

type ColorScheme struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewColorScheme

func NewColorScheme(enabled, is256enabled bool) *ColorScheme

func (*ColorScheme) Blue

func (c *ColorScheme) Blue(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Bluef

func (c *ColorScheme) Bluef(t string, args ...interface{}) string

func (*ColorScheme) Bold

func (c *ColorScheme) Bold(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Boldf

func (c *ColorScheme) Boldf(t string, args ...interface{}) string

func (*ColorScheme) ColorFromString

func (c *ColorScheme) ColorFromString(s string) func(string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Cyan

func (c *ColorScheme) Cyan(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) CyanBold

func (c *ColorScheme) CyanBold(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Cyanf

func (c *ColorScheme) Cyanf(t string, args ...interface{}) string

func (*ColorScheme) FailureIcon

func (c *ColorScheme) FailureIcon() string

func (*ColorScheme) FailureIconWithColor

func (c *ColorScheme) FailureIconWithColor(colo func(string) string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Gray

func (c *ColorScheme) Gray(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Grayf

func (c *ColorScheme) Grayf(t string, args ...interface{}) string

func (*ColorScheme) Green

func (c *ColorScheme) Green(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Greenf

func (c *ColorScheme) Greenf(t string, args ...interface{}) string

func (*ColorScheme) Magenta

func (c *ColorScheme) Magenta(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Magentaf

func (c *ColorScheme) Magentaf(t string, args ...interface{}) string

func (*ColorScheme) Red

func (c *ColorScheme) Red(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Redf

func (c *ColorScheme) Redf(t string, args ...interface{}) string

func (*ColorScheme) SuccessIcon

func (c *ColorScheme) SuccessIcon() string

func (*ColorScheme) SuccessIconWithColor

func (c *ColorScheme) SuccessIconWithColor(colo func(string) string) string

func (*ColorScheme) WarningIcon

func (c *ColorScheme) WarningIcon() string

func (*ColorScheme) Yellow

func (c *ColorScheme) Yellow(t string) string

func (*ColorScheme) Yellowf

func (c *ColorScheme) Yellowf(t string, args ...interface{}) string

type IOStreams

type IOStreams struct {
	In     io.ReadCloser
	Out    io.Writer
	ErrOut io.Writer

	TempFileOverride *os.File
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func System

func System() *IOStreams

func Test

func Test() (*IOStreams, *bytes.Buffer, *bytes.Buffer, *bytes.Buffer)

func (*IOStreams) CanPrompt

func (s *IOStreams) CanPrompt() bool

func (*IOStreams) ColorEnabled

func (s *IOStreams) ColorEnabled() bool

func (*IOStreams) ColorScheme

func (s *IOStreams) ColorScheme() *ColorScheme

func (*IOStreams) ColorSupport256

func (s *IOStreams) ColorSupport256() bool

func (*IOStreams) DetectTerminalTheme

func (s *IOStreams) DetectTerminalTheme() string

func (*IOStreams) EnableVirtualTerminalProcessing

func (s *IOStreams) EnableVirtualTerminalProcessing()

func (*IOStreams) IsStderrTTY

func (s *IOStreams) IsStderrTTY() bool

func (*IOStreams) IsStdinTTY

func (s *IOStreams) IsStdinTTY() bool

func (*IOStreams) IsStdoutTTY

func (s *IOStreams) IsStdoutTTY() bool

func (*IOStreams) ReadUserFile

func (s *IOStreams) ReadUserFile(fn string) ([]byte, error)

func (*IOStreams) SetNeverPrompt

func (s *IOStreams) SetNeverPrompt(v bool)

func (*IOStreams) SetPager

func (s *IOStreams) SetPager(cmd string)

func (*IOStreams) SetStderrTTY

func (s *IOStreams) SetStderrTTY(isTTY bool)

func (*IOStreams) SetStdinTTY

func (s *IOStreams) SetStdinTTY(isTTY bool)

func (*IOStreams) SetStdoutTTY

func (s *IOStreams) SetStdoutTTY(isTTY bool)

func (*IOStreams) StartPager

func (s *IOStreams) StartPager() error

func (*IOStreams) StartProgressIndicator

func (s *IOStreams) StartProgressIndicator()

func (*IOStreams) StopPager

func (s *IOStreams) StopPager()

func (*IOStreams) StopProgressIndicator

func (s *IOStreams) StopProgressIndicator()

func (*IOStreams) TempFile

func (s *IOStreams) TempFile(dir, pattern string) (*os.File, error)

func (*IOStreams) TerminalTheme

func (s *IOStreams) TerminalTheme() string

func (*IOStreams) TerminalWidth

func (s *IOStreams) TerminalWidth() int

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