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var PrepareCmd = func(cmd *exec.Cmd) Runnable {
	return &cmdWithStderr{cmd}

PrepareCmd extends exec.Cmd with extra error reporting features and provides a hook to stub command execution in tests


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type CmdError

type CmdError struct {
	Stderr *bytes.Buffer
	Args   []string
	Err    error

CmdError provides more visibility into why an exec.Cmd had failed

func (CmdError) Error

func (e CmdError) Error() string

type CommandCallback

type CommandCallback func([]string)

type CommandStubber

type CommandStubber struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

CommandStubber stubs out invocations to external commands.

func Stub

func Stub() (*CommandStubber, func(T))

Stub installs a catch-all for all external commands invoked from gh. It returns a restore func that, when invoked from tests, fails the current test if some stubs that were registered were never matched.

func (*CommandStubber) Register

func (cs *CommandStubber) Register(pattern string, exitStatus int, output string, callbacks ...CommandCallback)

Register a stub for an external command. Pattern is a regular expression, output is the standard output from a command. Pass callbacks to inspect raw arguments that the command was invoked with.

type Runnable

type Runnable interface {
	Output() ([]byte, error)
	Run() error

Runnable is typically an exec.Cmd or its stub in tests

type T

type T interface {
	Errorf(string, ...interface{})

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