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const GRPCModuleID = "grpc"


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func DefaultLevel

func DefaultLevel() string

DefaultLevel returns the fallback value for loggers to use if parsing fails.

func GetModuleLevel

func GetModuleLevel(module string) string

GetModuleLevel gets the current logging level for the specified module.

func GetPeerStartupLevel

func GetPeerStartupLevel(module string) string

GetPeerStartupLevel returns the peer startup level for the specified module. It will return an empty string if the input parameter is empty or the module is not found

func InitBackend

func InitBackend(formatter logging.Formatter, output io.Writer)

InitBackend sets up the logging backend based on the provided logging formatter and I/O writer.

level, _ := logging.LogLevel(flogging.DefaultLevel())
// initializes logging backend for testing and sets time to 1970-01-01 00:00:00.000 UTC

formatSpec := "%{time:2006-01-02 15:04:05.000 MST} [%{module}] %{shortfunc} -> %{level:.4s} %{id:03x} %{message}"
flogging.InitBackend(flogging.SetFormat(formatSpec), os.Stdout)

logger := flogging.MustGetLogger("testModule")
logger.Info("test output")

1970-01-01 00:00:00.000 UTC [testModule] ExampleInitBackend -> INFO 001 test output

func InitFromSpec

func InitFromSpec(spec string) string

InitFromSpec initializes the logging based on the supplied spec. It is exposed externally so that consumers of the flogging package may parse their own logging specification. The logging specification has the following form:


func MustGetLogger

func MustGetLogger(module string) *logging.Logger

MustGetLogger is used in place of `logging.MustGetLogger` to allow us to store a map of all modules and submodules that have loggers in the system.

func Reset

func Reset()

Reset sets to logging to the defaults defined in this package.

func RevertToPeerStartupLevels

func RevertToPeerStartupLevels() error

RevertToPeerStartupLevels reverts the log levels for all modules to the level defined at the end of peer startup.

func SetFormat

func SetFormat(formatSpec string) logging.Formatter

SetFormat sets the logging format.

func SetModuleLevel

func SetModuleLevel(moduleRegExp string, level string) (string, error)

SetModuleLevel sets the logging level for the modules that match the supplied regular expression. Can be used to dynamically change the log level for the module.

func SetPeerStartupModulesMap

func SetPeerStartupModulesMap()

SetPeerStartupModulesMap saves the modules and their log levels. this function should only be called at the end of peer startup.


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