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    type AWSActuator

    type AWSActuator struct {
    	Client           client.Client
    	Codec            *minterv1.ProviderCodec
    	AWSClientBuilder func(accessKeyID, secretAccessKey []byte, region, infraName string) (ccaws.Client, error)
    	Scheme           *runtime.Scheme

      AWSActuator implements the CredentialsRequest Actuator interface to create credentials in AWS.

      func NewAWSActuator

      func NewAWSActuator(client client.Client, scheme *runtime.Scheme) (*AWSActuator, error)

        NewAWSActuator creates a new AWSActuator.

        func (*AWSActuator) Create

          Create the credentials.

          func (*AWSActuator) Delete

            Delete the credentials. If no error is returned, it is assumed that all dependent resources have been cleaned up.

            func (*AWSActuator) Exists

              Checks if the credentials currently exist.

              To do this we will check if the target secret exists. This call is only used to determine if we're doing a Create or an Update, but in the context of this acutator it makes no difference. As such we will not check if the user exists in AWS and is correctly configured as this will all be handled in both Create and Update.

              func (*AWSActuator) Update

                Update the credentials to the provided definition.

                type PolicyDocument

                type PolicyDocument struct {
                	Version   string
                	Statement []StatementEntry

                  PolicyDocument is a simple type used to serialize to AWS' PolicyDocument format.

                  type StatementEntry

                  type StatementEntry struct {
                  	Effect   string
                  	Action   []string
                  	Resource string

                    StatementEntry is a simple type used to serialize to AWS' PolicyDocument format. We cannot re-use minterv1.StatementEntry due to different conventions for the serialization keys. (caps)

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