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const (
	// DefaultConnectionAddress defines the default connection address of the redis server
	DefaultConnectionAddress = ":6379"
	// DefaultMaxIdleConnections sets the maximum number of idle connections on the redis server
	DefaultMaxIdleConnections = 3
	// DefaultIdleTimeoutDuration sets the maximum duration to wait before closing an idle connection on the redis server
	DefaultIdleTimeoutDuration = 10 * time.Second


var (
	// ErrRetrievingSession is thrown if there was an error, other than an invalid session, retrieving the \
	// session from the store
	ErrRetrievingSession = errors.New("error retrieving session data from store")

type Options

type Options struct {
	ConnectionAddress    string
	MaxIdleConnections   int
	MaxActiveConnections int
	IdleTimeoutDuration  time.Duration

Options defines the behavior of the session store

type Service

type Service struct {
	// Pool is a redigo *redis.Pool
	Pool *redis.Pool

Service is a session store backed by a redis db

func New

func New(options Options) *Service

New returns a new session store connected to a redis db Alternatively, you can build your own redis store with &Service{Pool: yourCustomPool,}

func (*Service) DeleteUserSession

func (s *Service) DeleteUserSession(sessionID string) error

DeleteUserSession deletes a user session from the store

func (*Service) FetchValidUserSession

func (s *Service) FetchValidUserSession(sessionID string) (*user.Session, error)

FetchValidUserSession returns a valid user session or an err if the session has expired or does not exist. \ If a valid session does not exist, this function should return a nil pointer

func (*Service) SaveUserSession

func (s *Service) SaveUserSession(userSession *user.Session) error

SaveUserSession saves a user session in the store

type ServiceInterface

type ServiceInterface interface {
	SaveUserSession(userSession *user.Session) error
	DeleteUserSession(sessionID string) error
	FetchValidUserSession(sessionID string) (*user.Session, error)

ServiceInterface defines the behavior of the session store

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