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type Firewall

type Firewall struct {
	// [required] url of the iprepd instance to use
	IPrepdURL string

	// [required] auth string to authenticate against iprepd
	IPrepdAuthStr string

	// [required] reject any ip with reputation below this score
	RejectBelowScore int

	// optionally add IPs you wish to unconditionally allow
	Whitelist []net.IP

	// optionally log all dropped http requests
	LogBlocked bool

	// optionally allow any request if there was a problem reaching iprepd
	FailOpen bool

	// optionally use non-default http client settings
	HTTPClient *http.Client

Firewall is a software defined firewall for HTTP servers. It uses Reputation entries from a trusted iprepd instance and built-in configuration parameters in order to determine whether an HTTP request should be served or not given the request's source ip address

func (*Firewall) Wrap

func (fw *Firewall) Wrap(h http.Handler) http.Handler

Wrap the firewall around an HTTP handler. The returned http.Handler will only serve requests from IPs which satisfy one or more of the following:

  • the IP is included in the Firewall's whitelist
  • the IP does not have an entry in iprepd (implying no violations)
  • the IP has an entry in iprepd with a score above RejectBelowScore

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