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Package handlers implements the http handlers for the api and defines the Server structure for shared context between handlers.



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type JobStatusNotification

type JobStatusNotification struct {
	Time   string                      `json:"time"`
	Detail JobStatusNotificationDetail `json:"detail"`

This structure and the ones below it match the CloudWatch event JSON we get from AWS Lambda function. It doesn't match all the fields but matches most of the useful ones we track.

type JobStatusNotificationContainer

type JobStatusNotificationContainer struct {
	Image       string   `json:"image"`
	Vcpus       int64    `json:"vcpus"`
	Memory      int64    `json:"memory"`
	Command     []string `json:"command"`
	Environment []env    `json:"environment"`
	TaskArn     *string  `json:"taskArn"`

type JobStatusNotificationDetail

type JobStatusNotificationDetail struct {
	JobName       string                         `json:"jobName"`
	JobId         string                         `json:"jobId"`
	JobQueue      string                         `json:"jobQueue"`
	Status        string                         `json:"status"`
	CreatedAt     int64                          `json:"createdAt"`
	StartedAt     *int64                         `json:"startedAt"`
	Container     JobStatusNotificationContainer `json:"container"`
	JobDefinition string                         `json:"jobDefinition"`

type KillTaskID

type KillTaskID struct {
	ID string `json:"id" form:"id" query:"id"`

KillTaskID is a struct to handle JSON request to kill a task

type KillTasks

type KillTasks struct {
	IDs []string `json:"ids" form:"ids" query:"ids"`

KillTasks is a struct to handle JSON request to kill many tasks

func BodyToKillTask

func BodyToKillTask(c echo.Context) (KillTasks, error)

type Server

type Server struct {
	Storage jobs.FinderStorer
	Killer  jobs.Killer
	Index   []byte

func (*Server) ActivateJobQueue

func (s *Server) ActivateJobQueue(c echo.Context) error

func (*Server) DeactivateJobQueue

func (s *Server) DeactivateJobQueue(c echo.Context) error

func (*Server) FetchLogs

func (s *Server) FetchLogs(c echo.Context) error

func (*Server) Find

func (s *Server) Find(c echo.Context) error

Find is a request handler, returns json with jobs matching the query param 'q'

func (*Server) FindOne

func (s *Server) FindOne(c echo.Context) error

FindOne is a request handler, returns a job matching the query parameter 'q'

func (*Server) GetStatus

func (s *Server) GetStatus(c echo.Context) error

func (*Server) IndexHandler

func (s *Server) IndexHandler(c echo.Context) error

IndexHandler returns

func (*Server) JobStats

func (s *Server) JobStats(c echo.Context) error


func (*Server) JobStatusNotification

func (s *Server) JobStatusNotification(c echo.Context) error

func (*Server) KillMany

func (s *Server) KillMany(c echo.Context) error

KillMany is a request handler, kills a job matching the post parameter 'id' (AWS task ID)

func (*Server) KillOne

func (s *Server) KillOne(c echo.Context) error

KillOne is a request handler, kills a job matching the post parameter 'id' (AWS task ID)

func (*Server) ListActiveJobQueues

func (s *Server) ListActiveJobQueues(c echo.Context) error

func (*Server) ListAllJobQueues

func (s *Server) ListAllJobQueues(c echo.Context) error

func (*Server) SubscribeToJobEvent

func (s *Server) SubscribeToJobEvent(c echo.Context) error

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