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func NewInfo

func NewInfo(parentName string, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command


type Image

type Image struct {
	Name          string                              `json:"name"`
	Ref           imagereference.DockerImageReference `json:"-"`
	Digest        digest.Digest                       `json:"digest"`
	ContentDigest digest.Digest                       `json:"contentDigest"`
	ListDigest    digest.Digest                       `json:"listDigest"`
	MediaType     string                              `json:"mediaType"`
	Layers        []distribution.Descriptor           `json:"layers"`
	Config        *dockerv1client.DockerImageConfig   `json:"config"`

	Manifest distribution.Manifest `json:"-"`

type ImageRetriever

type ImageRetriever struct {
	Image           map[string]imagereference.DockerImageReference
	SecurityOptions imagemanifest.SecurityOptions
	ParallelOptions imagemanifest.ParallelOptions
	// ImageMetadataCallback is invoked once per image retrieved, and may be called in parallel if
	// MaxPerRegistry is set higher than 1. If err is passed image is nil. If an error is returned
	// execution will stop.
	ImageMetadataCallback func(from string, image *Image, err error) error
	// ManifestListCallback, if specified, is invoked if the root image is a manifest list. If an
	// error returned processing stops. If zero manifests are returned the next item is rendered
	// and no ImageMetadataCallback calls occur. If more than one manifest is returned
	// ImageMetadataCallback will be invoked once for each item.
	ManifestListCallback func(from string, list *manifestlist.DeserializedManifestList, all map[digest.Digest]distribution.Manifest) (map[digest.Digest]distribution.Manifest, error)

func (*ImageRetriever) Run

func (o *ImageRetriever) Run() error

type InfoOptions

type InfoOptions struct {

	SecurityOptions imagemanifest.SecurityOptions
	FilterOptions   imagemanifest.FilterOptions

	Images []string

	Output string

func NewInfoOptions

func NewInfoOptions(streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *InfoOptions

func (*InfoOptions) Complete

func (o *InfoOptions) Complete(cmd *cobra.Command, args []string) error

func (*InfoOptions) Run

func (o *InfoOptions) Run() error

func (*InfoOptions) Validate

func (o *InfoOptions) Validate() error

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