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func NewCmdLogin

func NewCmdLogin(fullName string, f kcmdutil.Factory, streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *cobra.Command

    NewCmdLogin implements the OpenShift cli login command


    type LoginOptions

    type LoginOptions struct {
    	Server      string
    	CAFile      string
    	InsecureTLS bool
    	// flags and printing helpers
    	Username string
    	Password string
    	Project  string
    	// infra
    	StartingKubeConfig *kclientcmdapi.Config
    	DefaultNamespace   string
    	Config             *restclient.Config
    	// cert data to be used when authenticating
    	CertFile string
    	KeyFile  string
    	Token string
    	PathOptions *kclientcmd.PathOptions
    	CommandName    string
    	RequestTimeout time.Duration

      LoginOptions is a helper for the login and setup process, gathers all information required for a successful login and eventual update of config files. Depending on the Reader present it can be interactive, asking for terminal input in case of any missing information. Notice that some methods mutate this object so it should not be reused. The Config provided as a pointer will also mutate (handle new auth tokens, etc).

      func NewLoginOptions

      func NewLoginOptions(streams genericclioptions.IOStreams) *LoginOptions

      func (*LoginOptions) Complete

      func (o *LoginOptions) Complete(f kcmdutil.Factory, cmd *cobra.Command, args []string, commandName string) error

      func (*LoginOptions) GatherInfo

      func (o *LoginOptions) GatherInfo() error

        Gather all required information in a comprehensive order.

        func (LoginOptions) Run

        func (o LoginOptions) Run() error

          RunLogin contains all the necessary functionality for the OpenShift cli login command

          func (*LoginOptions) SaveConfig

          func (o *LoginOptions) SaveConfig() (bool, error)

            Save all the information present in this helper to a config file. An explicit config file path can be provided, if not use the established conventions about config loading rules. Will create a new config file if one can't be found at all. Will only succeed if all required info is present.

            func (LoginOptions) Validate

            func (o LoginOptions) Validate(cmd *cobra.Command, serverFlag string, args []string) error