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func NewDeploymentConfigHistoryViewer

func NewDeploymentConfigHistoryViewer(kc kubernetes.Interface) kubectl.HistoryViewer

func NewDeploymentConfigRollbacker

func NewDeploymentConfigRollbacker(appsClient appsclient.Interface) kubectl.Rollbacker

func NewDeploymentConfigStatusViewer

func NewDeploymentConfigStatusViewer() kubectl.StatusViewer


type BasicDeploymentConfigController

type BasicDeploymentConfigController struct{}

func (BasicDeploymentConfigController) Generate

func (BasicDeploymentConfigController) Generate(genericParams map[string]interface{}) (runtime.Object, error)

func (BasicDeploymentConfigController) ParamNames

type DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer

type DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer is an implementation of the kubectl HistoryViewer interface for deployment configs.

func (*DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer) ViewHistory

func (h *DeploymentConfigHistoryViewer) ViewHistory(namespace, name string, revision int64) (string, error)

ViewHistory returns a description of all the history it can find for a deployment config.

type DeploymentConfigRollbacker

type DeploymentConfigRollbacker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

DeploymentConfigRollbacker is an implementation of the kubectl Rollbacker interface for deployment configs.

func (*DeploymentConfigRollbacker) Rollback

func (r *DeploymentConfigRollbacker) Rollback(obj runtime.Object, updatedAnnotations map[string]string, toRevision int64, dryRun bool) (string, error)

Rollback the provided deployment config to a specific revision. If revision is zero, we will rollback to the previous deployment.

type DeploymentConfigStatusViewer

type DeploymentConfigStatusViewer struct {

DeploymentConfigStatusViewer is an implementation of the kubectl StatusViewer interface for deployment configs.

func (*DeploymentConfigStatusViewer) Status

func (s *DeploymentConfigStatusViewer) Status(obj runtime.Unstructured, desiredRevision int64) (string, bool, error)

Status returns a message describing deployment status, and a bool value indicating if the status is considered done

type RolloutLogInterface

type RolloutLogInterface interface {
	Logs(name string, options appsv1.DeploymentLogOptions) *rest.Request

func NewRolloutLogClient

func NewRolloutLogClient(c rest.Interface, ns string) RolloutLogInterface

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