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type Handler

type Handler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Handler) CreateTransaction

func (h *Handler) CreateTransaction(c echo.Context) error

CreateTransaction create new transaction between accounts

func (*Handler) ListAccount

func (h *Handler) ListAccount(c echo.Context) error

ListAccount list account with paging

func (*Handler) ListTransaction

func (h *Handler) ListTransaction(c echo.Context) error

ListTransaction create new transaction between accounts

func (*Handler) Register

func (h *Handler) Register(v1 *echo.Group)

func (*Handler) RegisterAccount

func (h *Handler) RegisterAccount(c echo.Context) error

RegisterAccount freate new accounts

func (*Handler) ViewAccountSummary

func (h *Handler) ViewAccountSummary(c echo.Context) error

ViewAccountSummary view current summary of an account

func (*Handler) ViewMutation

func (h *Handler) ViewMutation(c echo.Context) error

ViewMutation list mutation between dates with filter (list of account id) also with paging

func (*Handler) ViewTransactionDetails

func (h *Handler) ViewTransactionDetails(c echo.Context) error

ViewTransactionDetails see details transaction by trx_id

type ListTransactionRequest

type ListTransactionRequest struct {