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func Hostname

func Hostname(c *gin.Context)

Hostname gets the hostname from os and adds the hostname to request context

func HostnameWithoutRequestContext

func HostnameWithoutRequestContext(c context.Context) context.Context

HostnameWithoutRequestContext gets the hostname os and add it to app context

func Logger

func Logger(c *gin.Context)

Logger sets up a new logger with request information

func LoggerWithoutRequestContext

func LoggerWithoutRequestContext(c context.Context) context.Context

LoggerWithoutRequestContext sets up a new logger with application context

func NoRequestContext

func NoRequestContext(c context.Context) context.Context

NoRequestContext sets up a new application context based on a context

func RefreshRequestIDContext

func RefreshRequestIDContext(c context.Context) context.Context

RefreshRequestIDContext refresh requestID in application context

func RequestID

func RequestID(c *gin.Context)

RequestID adds request-id to the request context.

func RequestIDWithNoRequestContext

func RequestIDWithNoRequestContext(c context.Context) context.Context

RequestIDWithNoRequestContext sets up request-id to application context


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