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Kala Go Client Library



KalaClient in the official Go client library for interfacing with the Kala HTTP API.

It is a simple wrapper around the Sling library, and it is thread-safe.



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var (
	ErrJobNotFound      = errors.New("Job not found")
	ErrJobCreationError = errors.New("Error creating job")

	ErrGenericError = errors.New("An error occurred performing your request")


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type KalaClient

type KalaClient struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

KalaClient is the base struct for this package.

func New

func New(apiEndpoint string) *KalaClient

New is used to create a new KalaClient based off of the apiEndpoint Example:

c := New("")

func (*KalaClient) CreateJob

func (kc *KalaClient) CreateJob(body *job.Job) (string, error)

CreateJob is used for creating a new job within Kala. Note that the Name and Command fields are the only ones that are required. Example:

c := New("")
body := &job.Job{
	Schedule: "R2/2015-06-04T19:25:16.828696-07:00/PT10S",
	Name:	  "test_job",
	Command:  "bash -c 'date'",
id, err := c.CreateJob(body)

func (*KalaClient) DeleteAllJobs

func (kc *KalaClient) DeleteAllJobs() (bool, error)

DeleteAllJobs is used to delete all jobs from Kala Example:

c := New("")
ok, err := c.DeleteAllJobs()

func (*KalaClient) DeleteJob

func (kc *KalaClient) DeleteJob(id string) (bool, error)

DeleteJob is used to delete a Job from Kala by its ID. Example:

c := New("")
id := "93b65499-b211-49ce-57e0-19e735cc5abd"
ok, err := c.DeleteJob(id)

func (*KalaClient) DisableJob added in v0.2.0

func (kc *KalaClient) DisableJob(id string) (bool, error)

DisableJob is used to disable a Job in Kala using its ID. Example:

c := New("")
id := "93b65499-b211-49ce-57e0-19e735cc5abd"
ok, err := c.DisableJob(id)

func (*KalaClient) EnableJob added in v0.2.0

func (kc *KalaClient) EnableJob(id string) (bool, error)

EnableJob is used to enable a disabled Job in Kala using its ID. Example:

c := New("")
id := "93b65499-b211-49ce-57e0-19e735cc5abd"
ok, err := c.EnableJob(id)

func (*KalaClient) GetAllJobs

func (kc *KalaClient) GetAllJobs() (map[string]*job.Job, error)

GetAllJobs returns a map of string (ID's) to job.Job's which contains all Jobs currently within Kala. Example:

c := New("")
jobs, err := c.GetAllJobs()

func (*KalaClient) GetJob

func (kc *KalaClient) GetJob(id string) (*job.Job, error)

GetJob is used to retrieve a Job from Kala by its ID. Example:

c := New("")
id := "93b65499-b211-49ce-57e0-19e735cc5abd"
job, err := c.GetJob(id)

func (*KalaClient) GetJobStats

func (kc *KalaClient) GetJobStats(id string) ([]*job.JobStat, error)

GetJobStats is used to retrieve stats about a Job from Kala by its ID. Example:

c := New("")
id := "93b65499-b211-49ce-57e0-19e735cc5abd"
stats, err := c.GetJobStats(id)

func (*KalaClient) GetKalaStats

func (kc *KalaClient) GetKalaStats() (*job.KalaStats, error)

GetKalaStats retrieves system-level metrics about Kala Example:

c := New("")
stats, err := c.GetKalaStats()

func (*KalaClient) StartJob

func (kc *KalaClient) StartJob(id string) (bool, error)

StartJob is used to manually start a Job by its ID. Example:

c := New("")
id := "93b65499-b211-49ce-57e0-19e735cc5abd"
ok, err := c.StartJob(id)

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