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type Config

type Config struct {
	ConfigMap  client.ObjectKey
	Deployment client.ObjectKey

    Config holds configuration for configurator

    type Configurator

    type Configurator struct {
    	// contains filtered or unexported fields

      Configurator provides functionality for updating Dex ConfigMap and Deployment to work with provided UAA Connector

      func NewConfigurator

      func NewConfigurator(config Config, cli client.Client, uaaConfigProvider uaaConfigProvider) *Configurator

        NewConfigurator returns a new instance of the Configurator

        func (*Configurator) EnsureConfiguredUAAInDexDeployment

        func (c *Configurator) EnsureConfiguredUAAInDexDeployment(ctx context.Context) error

          EnsureConfiguredUAAInDexDeployment mutate dex deployment to use UAA connector and waits until Pods are restarted.

          func (*Configurator) EnsureUAAConnectorInDexConfigMap

          func (c *Configurator) EnsureUAAConnectorInDexConfigMap(ctx context.Context) error

            EnsureUAAConnectorInDexConfigMap update the Dex ConfigMap.

            BE AWARE: - The `connectors` entry is overridden - The `enablePasswordDB` field is set to `false`

            type Overrider

            type Overrider struct {
            	// contains filtered or unexported fields

              Overrider provides functionality for creating Dex override ConfigMap used during the Kyma install/upgrade action

              func NewOverrider

              func NewOverrider(cli client.Client, uaaConfigProvider uaaConfigProvider) *Overrider

                NewOverrider returns a new instance of Overrider

                func (*Overrider) EnsureDexConfigMapOverride

                func (o *Overrider) EnsureDexConfigMapOverride(ctx context.Context) error

                  EnsureDexConfigMapOverride ensures that Dex config map exists and is up to date

                  type UAARenderer

                  type UAARenderer struct {
                  	// contains filtered or unexported fields

                    UAARenderer provides functionality for renderng the UAA connector config suited for Dex

                    func NewUAARenderer

                    func NewUAARenderer(cli client.Client, secret client.ObjectKey, clusterDomain string) *UAARenderer

                      NewUAARenderer returns a new UAARenderer instance

                      func (*UAARenderer) RenderUAAConnectorConfig

                      func (u *UAARenderer) RenderUAAConnectorConfig(ctx context.Context) (string, error)

                        RenderUAAConnectorConfig renders uaa connector configuration based on information stored in Secret.

                        type UAASecret

                        type UAASecret struct {
                        	ClientID     []byte `mapstructure:"clientid"`
                        	ClientSecret []byte `mapstructure:"clientsecret"`
                        	Xsappname    []byte `mapstructure:"xsappname"`
                        	URL          []byte `mapstructure:"url"`

                        type UAATmplData

                        type UAATmplData struct {
                        	ClusterDomain string