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Package test provides functions that are used for testing GlobalStorer implementations.



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func ImportExport

func ImportExport(t *testing.T, outStore, inStore mock.GlobalStorer, n int)

ImportExport saves chunks to the outStore, exports them to the tar archive, imports tar archive to the inStore and checks if all chunks are imported correctly.

func MockStore

func MockStore(t *testing.T, globalStore mock.GlobalStorer, n int)

MockStore creates NodeStore instances from provided GlobalStorer, each one with a unique address, stores different chunks on them and checks if they are retrievable or not on all nodes. Attribute n defines the number of NodeStores that will be created.

func MockStoreListings

func MockStoreListings(t *testing.T, globalStore mock.GlobalStorer, n int)

MockStoreListings tests global store methods Keys, Nodes, NodeKeys and KeyNodes. It uses a provided globalstore to put chunks for n number of node addresses and to validate that methods are returning the right responses.


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