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func KsonnetVersion

func KsonnetVersion() (string, error)

KsonnetVersion returns the version of ksonnet used when running ksonnet commands


type KsonnetApp

type KsonnetApp interface {
	// Root is the root path ksonnet application directory
	Root() string

	// App is the Ksonnet application
	App() app.App

	// Spec is the Ksonnet application spec
	Spec() *app.Spec

	// Show returns a list of unstructured objects that would be applied to an environment
	Show(environment string) ([]*unstructured.Unstructured, error)

	// ListEnvParams returns list of environment parameters
	ListEnvParams(environment string) ([]*v1alpha1.ComponentParameter, error)

	// SetComponentParams updates component parameter in specified environment.
	SetComponentParams(environment string, component string, param string, value string) error

KsonnetApp represents a ksonnet application directory and provides wrapper functionality around the `ks` command.

func NewKsonnetApp

func NewKsonnetApp(path string) (KsonnetApp, error)

NewKsonnetApp tries to create a new wrapper to run commands on the `ks` command-line tool.

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