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func Walk

func Walk(tarReader tar.Reader, walkFunc func(t *TarFile) error) error

Walk walks through the files in the tarball represented by tarstream and passes each of them to the WalkFunc provided as an argument


type TarFile

type TarFile struct {
	Header    *tar.Header
	TarStream io.Reader

TarFile is a representation of a file in a tarball. It consists of two parts, the Header and the Stream. The Header is a regular tar header, the Stream is a byte stream that can be used to read the file's contents

func (*TarFile) Linkname

func (t *TarFile) Linkname() string

Linkname returns the Linkname of the file as reported by the header

func (*TarFile) Name

func (t *TarFile) Name() string

Name returns the name of the file as reported by the header

type WalkFunc

type WalkFunc func(t *TarFile) error

WalkFunc is a func for handling each file (header and byte stream) in a tarball

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