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type Formatter

type Formatter interface {
	Format(*LintResults) string

func GetFormatter

func GetFormatter(fmtr string) (Formatter, error)

type LintOptions

type LintOptions struct {
	Files            []string
	Strict           bool
	DefaultNamespace string
	Formatter        Formatter
	ServiceClients   ServiceClients

type LintResult

type LintResult struct {
	File   string
	Errs   []error
	Linted bool

LintResult represents the result of linting objects from a single source

type LintResults

type LintResults struct {
	Results []*LintResult
	Success bool
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

LintResults represents the result of linting objects from multiple sources

func Lint

func Lint(ctx context.Context, opts *LintOptions) (*LintResults, error)

Lint reads all files, returns linting errors of all of the enitities of the specified kinds. Entities of other kinds are ignored.

func (*LintResults) Msg

func (l *LintResults) Msg() string

type ServiceClients

type ServiceClients struct {
	WorkflowsClient               workflowpkg.WorkflowServiceClient
	WorkflowTemplatesClient       workflowtemplatepkg.WorkflowTemplateServiceClient
	CronWorkflowsClient           cronworkflowpkg.CronWorkflowServiceClient
	ClusterWorkflowTemplateClient clusterworkflowtemplatepkg.ClusterWorkflowTemplateServiceClient

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