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func ValidateClusterWorkflowTemplate

ValidateClusterWorkflowTemplate accepts a cluster workflow template and performs validation against it.

func ValidateCronWorkflow

ValidateCronWorkflow validates a CronWorkflow

func ValidateWorkflow

ValidateWorkflow accepts a workflow and performs validation against it.

func ValidateWorkflowTemplate

ValidateWorkflowTemplate accepts a workflow template and performs validation against it.

func ValidateWorkflowTemplateRefFields

func ValidateWorkflowTemplateRefFields(wfSpec wfv1.WorkflowSpec) error


type FakeArguments

type FakeArguments struct{}

func (*FakeArguments) GetArtifactByName

func (args *FakeArguments) GetArtifactByName(name string) *wfv1.Artifact

func (*FakeArguments) GetParameterByName

func (args *FakeArguments) GetParameterByName(name string) *wfv1.Parameter

type ValidateOpts

type ValidateOpts struct {
	// Lint indicates if this is performing validation in the context of linting. If true, will
	// skip some validations which is permissible during linting but not submission (e.g. missing
	// input parameters to the workflow)
	Lint bool
	// ContainerRuntimeExecutor will trigger additional validation checks specific to different
	// types of executors. For example, the inability of kubelet/k8s executors to copy artifacts
	// out of the base image layer. If unspecified, will use docker executor validation
	ContainerRuntimeExecutor string

	// IgnoreEntrypoint indicates to skip/ignore the EntryPoint validation on workflow spec.
	// Entrypoint is optional for WorkflowTemplate and ClusterWorkflowTemplate
	IgnoreEntrypoint bool

	// WorkflowTemplateValidation indicates that the current context is validating a WorkflowTemplate or ClusterWorkflowTemplate
	WorkflowTemplateValidation bool

ValidateOpts provides options when linting

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