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This is information regarding development. If you're looking for information regarding production setup, see templates.


The Postman API documentation can be found by clicking here.

The Postman collection template for the API is provided in bearblogengine.postman_collection.json located in this directory.


This includes the backend API with databases

  • docker
  • docker-compose
  1. Clone the repository if it hasn't been done yet
  2. Navigate to the backend directory (the one this README is in)
  3. Copy .env.sample to .env and edit the variables
  4. Copy the contents of the template public folder to the location where you mounted the container's public folder
  5. Run docker-compose build
  6. Run docker-compose up or docker-compose up -d

Note that after any changes made to the API, you'll have to run docker-compose build again (not neccesary if you don't use the databases in docker-compose).


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