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Published: Apr 12, 2020 License: MIT Imports: 4 Imported by: 5


Go Pub/Sub

An in-process simple publish/subscribe library for Golang .

API Reference


I wrote this package so I can use it in my projects as a drop-in-replacement for redis pub/sub, actually this package was written for wsify v2


I'm always open for any opinion


I'm using MIT license.

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type Broker

type Broker struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Broker The broker related meta data

func NewBroker

func NewBroker() *Broker

NewBroker Create new broker

func (*Broker) Attach

func (b *Broker) Attach() (*Subscriber, error)

Attach Create a new subscriber and register it into our main broker

func (*Broker) Broadcast

func (b *Broker) Broadcast(payload interface{}, topics ...string)

Broadcast broadcast the specified payload to all the topic(s) subscribers

func (*Broker) Detach

func (b *Broker) Detach(s *Subscriber)

Detach remove the specified subscriber from the broker

func (*Broker) GetTopics

func (b *Broker) GetTopics() []string

GetTopics Returns a slice of topics

func (*Broker) Subscribe

func (b *Broker) Subscribe(s *Subscriber, topics ...string)

Subscribe subscribes the specified subscriber "s" to the specified list of topic(s)

func (*Broker) Subscribers

func (b *Broker) Subscribers(topic string) int

Subscribers Get the subscribers count

func (*Broker) Unsubscribe

func (b *Broker) Unsubscribe(s *Subscriber, topics ...string)

Unsubscribe Unsubscribe the specified subscriber from the specified topic(s)

type Message

type Message struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Message The message metadata

func (*Message) GetCreatedAt

func (m *Message) GetCreatedAt() int64

GetCreatedAt Get the creation time of this message

func (*Message) GetPayload

func (m *Message) GetPayload() interface{}

GetPayload Get the payload of the current message

func (*Message) GetTopic

func (m *Message) GetTopic() string

GetTopic Return the topic of the current message

type Subscriber

type Subscriber struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Subscriber ...

func NewSubscriber

func NewSubscriber() (*Subscriber, error)

NewSubscriber returns a new subscriber

func (*Subscriber) AddTopic

func (s *Subscriber) AddTopic(topic string)

AddTopic Adds a new topic to the subscriber

func (*Subscriber) GetCreatedAt

func (s *Subscriber) GetCreatedAt() int64

GetCreatedAt return `time.Time` of the creation time

func (*Subscriber) GetID

func (s *Subscriber) GetID() string

GetID return the subscriber id

func (*Subscriber) GetMessages

func (s *Subscriber) GetMessages() <-chan *Message

GetMessages returns a channel of *Message to listen on

func (*Subscriber) GetTopics

func (s *Subscriber) GetTopics() []string

GetTopics return slice of subscriber topics

func (*Subscriber) RemoveTopic

func (s *Subscriber) RemoveTopic(topic string)

RemoveTopic Removes a topic from the subscriber

func (*Subscriber) Signal

func (s *Subscriber) Signal(m *Message) *Subscriber

Signal sends a message to subscriber

type Subscribers

type Subscribers map[string]*Subscriber

Subscribers ...


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