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Published: Nov 5, 2019 License: Apache-2.0 Imports: 23 Imported by: 0



an drop-in replacement for scrapyd that is more easy to be scalable and distributed on any number of commodity machines with no hassle, each scrapyd-go instance is a stateless microservice, all instances must be connected to the same redis server, redis is used as a ceneralized registry system for all instances, so each instance se what others see.


scrapyd isn't bad, but it is very stateful, it isn't that easy to deploy it in a distributed environment like k8s, as well as I wanted to add more features, so I started this project as a drop-in replacement for scrapyd but writing in modern & scalable environment like go for restful server and redis as centeralized registry.


  • schedule.json
  • cancel.json
  • addversion.json
  • listprojects.json
  • listversions.json
  • listspiders.json
  • delproject.json
  • delversion.json
  • listjobs.json
  • daemonstatus.json
  • logs/{jobid}, new: realtime output of the job log


scrapyd-go configs are just simple command line flags

  -dir string
        the directory to use for local caching (default ".scrapyd-go")
  -listen string
        the address to bind to (default ":6800")
  -max2keep int
        the maximum jobs/logs to keep in memory (default 1000000)
  -poll int
        time in millisecond between each poll operation from queue(s) (default 10)
  -python string
        the python binary to use (default "python3")
  -redis string
        the redis server address (default "redis://:somepass@localhost:6379/1")
  -sync int
        time in seconds between each sync operation (default 15)
  -workers int
        the maximum workers count (default cpu-cores-count)


  • binary : go to releases page and download your os based release
  • docker: $ docker pull alash3al/scrapyd-go
  • source: $ go get


  • binary: $ ./scrapyd_bin_file -redis redis://localhost:6379/1
  • docker: $ docker run --link SomeRedisServerContainer -p 6800:6800 alash3al/scrapyd-go -redis redis://SomeRedisServerContainer:6379/1
  • source: $ scrapyd-go -redis redis://localhost:6379/1


  • Fork the repo
  • Create a feature branch
  • Push your changes
  • Create a pull request


Apache License v2.0



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