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var VideoCodecs = map[string]string{
	"h264": "libx264",
	"h265": "libx265",

VideoCodecs currently supported video codecs


func Transform

func Transform(input *TransformInput) error

Transform applies the specified transformations on the video file


type InspectInput

type InspectInput struct {
	Filename            string
	ExtractThumbnail    bool
	ThumbnailTimeOffset string
	ThumbnailWidth      int64
	ThumbnailHeight     int64

InspectInput the input used to extract the media information

type InspectOutput

type InspectOutput struct {
	Duration float64 `json:"duration"`
	Size     struct {
		Bytes float64 `json:"bytes"`
		Human string  `json:"human"`
	} `json:"size"`
	BitRate   int64         `json:"bit_rate"`
	Thumbnail string        `json:"thumbnail,omitempty"`
	Streams   []*StreamMeta `json:"streams"`

InspectOutput represents a media file info

func Inspect

func Inspect(input *InspectInput) (*InspectOutput, error)

Inspect returns a media file information

func (*InspectOutput) String

func (info *InspectOutput) String() string

type StreamMeta

type StreamMeta struct {
	Index       int64     `json:"index"`
	Type        string    `json:"type"`
	Codec       string    `json:"codec"`
	Width       int64     `json:"width,omitempty"`
	Height      int64     `json:"height,omitempty"`
	AspectRatio string    `json:"aspect_ratio,omitempty"`
	StartTime   float64   `json:"start_time"`
	Duration    float64   `json:"duration"`
	BitRate     int64     `json:"bit_rate"`
	FramesCount int64     `json:"frames_count,omitempty"`
	CreatedAt   time.Time `json:"created_at,omitempty"`

StreamMeta represents a stream in a media file

type TransformInput

type TransformInput struct {
	Width          int64
	Height         int64
	QualityLevel   int64
	VideoCodec     string
	BitRate        int64
	InputFilename  string
	OutputFilename string

TransformInput represents the input used to transform (compress, resize) a video

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