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var SeasonExpressions = []string{

SeasonExpressions is this a season expression. "(^.*)([s][0-9][0-9][e][0-9][0-9])(.*$)", "(^.*)([0-9]x[0-9])|([0-9][0-9]x[0-9][0-9])(.*$)", "(^.*)(\\d{1,2}x\\d{1,2})(.*$)",

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var SeasonOneExpression = "(^.*)([Ss]01[Ee]01)(.*$)"

SeasonOneExpression is this a season 1 episode.


func AmInterested

func AmInterested(title string, myinterests []types.MyInterests) (Yes bool, Details types.MyInterests)

AmInterested do i want this one or not

func CollectInterested

func CollectInterested(paths []string) (curInterests []types.MyInterests, err error)

CollectInterested collects from file system lists of path names that are shows that is interesting.

func HasSeason

func HasSeason(title string) (Yes bool, Name string)

HasSeason definition

func IsSeasonOne

func IsSeasonOne(title string) (Yes bool)

IsSeasonOne is it a new season?


type Alphabetic

type Alphabetic []types.MyInterests

Alphabetic sort type

func (Alphabetic) Len

func (list Alphabetic) Len() int

Len length

func (Alphabetic) Less

func (list Alphabetic) Less(i, j int) bool

Less is it less?

func (Alphabetic) Swap

func (list Alphabetic) Swap(i, j int)

Swap ya switch it.

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