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func GetMaps

func GetMaps() map[int32]Map

GetMaps from loaded nx

func LoadFile

func LoadFile(fname string)

LoadFile into useable types


type Foothold

type Foothold struct {
	X1, X2, Y1, Y2 int

Foothold in map

type Item

type Item struct {
	InvTabID                                                       byte
	Cash, Pet                                                      bool
	Only, TradeBlock, ExpireOnLogout, Quest, TimeLimited           int64
	ReqLevel                                                       byte
	Tuc                                                            byte // Total upgrade count?
	SlotMax                                                        int16
	ReqJob                                                         int64
	ReqSTR, ReqDEX, ReqINT, ReqLUK, IncSTR, IncDEX, IncINT, IncLUK int16
	IncACC, IncEVA, IncMDD, IncPDD, IncMAD, IncPAD, IncMHP, IncMMP float64
	Attack, IncJump, IncSpeed, RecoveryHP                          float64
	AttackSpeed                                                    int16
	Price                                                          int32
	NotSale                                                        int64
	UnitPrice                                                      float64
	Life, Hungry                                                   int64
	PickupItem, PickupAll, SweepForDrop                            int64
	ConsumeHP, LongRange                                           int64
	Recovery                                                       float64
	ReqPOP                                                         int64 // ?
	NameTag                                                        int64
	Pachinko                                                       int64
	VSlot, ISlot                                                   string
	Type                                                           int64
	Success                                                        int64 // Scroll type
	Cursed                                                         int64
	Add                                                            int64 // ?
	DropSweep                                                      int64
	Rate                                                           int64
	Meso                                                           int64
	Path                                                           string
	FloatType                                                      int64
	NoFlip                                                         string
	StateChangeItem                                                int64
	BigSize                                                        int64
	Sfx                                                            string
	Walk                                                           int64
	AfterImage                                                     string
	Stand                                                          int64
	Knockback                                                      int64
	Fs                                                             int64
	ChatBalloon                                                    int64

Item data from nx

func GetItem

func GetItem(id int32) (Item, error)

GetItem from loaded nx

type Life

type Life struct {
	ID       int32
	Type     string
	Foothold int16
	FaceLeft bool
	X, Y     int16
	MobTime  int64
	Hide     int64
	Rx0, Rx1 int16
	Cy       int64
	Info     int64

Life object in a map

type Map

type Map struct {
	Town         bool
	ForcedReturn int64
	ReturnMap    int32
	MobRate      float64

	Swim, PersonalShop, EntrustedShop, ScrollDisable int64

	MoveLimit int64
	DecHP     int64

	NPCs      []Life
	Mobs      []Life
	Portals   []Portal
	Reactors  []Reactor
	Footholds []Foothold

	FieldLimit                                int64
	VRRight, VRTop, VRLeft, VRBottom, VRLimit int64

	Recovery                  float64
	Version                   int64
	Bgm, MapMark              string
	Cloud, HideMinimap        int64
	MapDesc, Effect           string
	Fs                        float64
	TimeLimit                 int64
	FieldType                 int64
	Everlast, Snow, Rain      int64
	MapName, StreetName, Help string

Map data from nx

func GetMap

func GetMap(id int32) (Map, error)

GetMap from loaded nx

type Mob

type Mob struct {
	HP, MP             int32 // Not in nx
	MaxHP, HPRecovery  int32
	MaxMP, MPRecovery  int32
	Level              int64
	Exp                int64
	MADamage, MDDamage int64
	PADamage, PDDamage int64
	Speed, Eva, Acc    int64
	SummonType         int8
	SummonOption       int32
	Boss, Undead       int64
	ElemAttr           string
	Link               int64
	FlySpeed           int64
	NoRegen            int64
	Invincible         int64
	SelfDestruction    int64
	ExplosiveReward    int64
	Skills             map[byte]byte
	Revives            []int32
	Fs                 float64
	Pushed             int64
	BodyAttack         int64
	NoFlip             int64
	NotAttack          int64
	FirstAttack        int64
	RemoveQuest        int64
	RemoveAfter        string
	PublicReward       int64
	HPTagBGColor       int64
	HPTagColor         int64

Mob data from nx

func GetMob

func GetMob(id int32) (Mob, error)

GetMob from loaded nx

type MobSkill

type MobSkill struct {
	Hp              int32
	MpCon           int32
	Limit, Interval int64
	MobID           []int64
	SummonEffect    int64
	Time            int64

MobSkill data from nx

func GetMobSkill

func GetMobSkill(id byte) ([]MobSkill, error)

GetMobSkill from loaded nx

type PlayerSkill

type PlayerSkill struct {
	Mastery               int64
	Mad, Mdd, Pad, Pdd    int64
	Hp, Mp, HpCon, MpCon  int64
	BulletConsume         int64
	MoneyConsume          int64
	ItemCon               int64
	ItemConNo             int64
	Time                  int64
	Eva, Acc, Jump, Speed int64
	Range                 int64
	MobCount              int64
	AttackCount           int64
	Damage                int64
	Fixdamage             int64
	Rb, Lt                gonx.Vector
	Hs                    string
	X, Y, Z               int64
	Prop                  int64
	BulletCount           int64
	Action                string

PlayerSkill data from nx

func GetPlayerSkill

func GetPlayerSkill(id int32) ([]PlayerSkill, error)

GetPlayerSkill from loaded nx

type Portal

type Portal struct {
	ID     byte
	Pn     string
	Tm     int32
	Tn     string
	Pt     int64
	X, Y   int16
	Script string

Portal object in a map

type Reactor

type Reactor struct {
	ID          int64
	FaceLeft    int64
	X, Y        int64
	ReactorTime int64
	Name        string

Reactor object in a map

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