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func EscapePluginName

func EscapePluginName(in string) string

EscapePluginName converts a plugin name in the format vendor/pluginname into a proper ondisk vendor~pluginname plugin directory format.

func EscapeQualifiedNameForDisk

func EscapeQualifiedNameForDisk(in string) string

EscapeQualifiedNameForDisk converts a plugin name, which might contain a / into a string that is safe to use on-disk. This assumes that the input has already been validates as a qualified name. we use "~" rather than ":" here in case we ever use a filesystem that doesn't allow ":".

func JoinQualifiedName

func JoinQualifiedName(namespace, name string) string

Joins 'namespace' and 'name' and returns a fully qualified name Assumes that the input is valid.

func ShortenString

func ShortenString(str string, n int) string

Returns the first N slice of a string.

func SplitQualifiedName

func SplitQualifiedName(str string) (string, string)

Splits a fully qualified name and returns its namespace and name. Assumes that the input 'str' has been validated.

func UnescapePluginName

func UnescapePluginName(in string) string

EscapeQualifiedPluginName converts a plugin directory name in the format vendor~pluginname into a proper vendor/pluginname.

func UnescapeQualifiedNameForDisk

func UnescapeQualifiedNameForDisk(in string) string

UnescapeQualifiedNameForDisk converts an escaped plugin name (as per EscapeQualifiedNameForDisk) back to its normal form. This assumes that the input has already been validates as a qualified name.


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