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var (
	Version = ""
	Commit  = ""


func NewCommandAuditGen

func NewCommandAuditGen() *cobra.Command

func NewCommandGenerateClusterRole

func NewCommandGenerateClusterRole() *cobra.Command

func NewCommandLookup

func NewCommandLookup() *cobra.Command

func NewCommandPolicyRules

func NewCommandPolicyRules() *cobra.Command

func NewCommandVersion

func NewCommandVersion() *cobra.Command

func NewCommandVisualize

func NewCommandVisualize() *cobra.Command


type AuditGenOpts

type AuditGenOpts struct {
	// AuditSources is a list of files, URLs or - for STDIN.
	// Format must be JSON,, objects, one per line
	AuditSources []string

	UserRegexFilter   string
	UserFilterInverse bool

	NamespaceRegexFilter string

	// Namespace limits the audit events considered to the specified namespace
	Namespace string

	// JSON or YAML
	OutputFormat string

	// Directory to write generated roles to. Defaults to current directory.
	GeneratedPath string

	// Annotations to apply to generated object names.
	Annotations map[string]string

	// If the same operation is performed in multiple namespaces, expand the permission to allow it in any namespace
	ExpandMultipleNamespacesToClusterScoped bool
	// If the same operation is performed on resources with different names, expand the permission to allow it on any name
	ExpandMultipleNamesToUnnamed bool

func (*AuditGenOpts) Complete

func (a *AuditGenOpts) Complete() error

func (*AuditGenOpts) Run

func (a *AuditGenOpts) Run() error

func (*AuditGenOpts) Validate

func (a *AuditGenOpts) Validate() error