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func NewRouter

func NewRouter(cfg *config.Config, db db.Database) *mux.Router

NewRouter is used to create a new HTTP router


type Handler

type Handler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Handler holds the server context

func NewHandler

func NewHandler(cfg *config.Config, db db.Database) *Handler

NewHandler createss a new HTTP handler

func (*Handler) GetJenkinsBuild

func (h *Handler) GetJenkinsBuild() http.HandlerFunc

GetJenkinsBuild returns data about the given build

func (*Handler) ProcessBuild

func (h *Handler) ProcessBuild() http.HandlerFunc

ProcessBuild Triggers of a job to process a given build

func (*Handler) ProcessOptions

func (h *Handler) ProcessOptions() http.HandlerFunc

ProcessOptions handles the OPTIONS call for CORS

func (*Handler) ServiceMetadata

func (h *Handler) ServiceMetadata() http.HandlerFunc

ServiceMetadata displays hopefully useful information about the service

type ProcessRequest

type ProcessRequest struct {
	BuildID  string `json:"buildId,omitempty"`
	BuildURL string `json:"buildUrl"`
	Recrawl  bool   `json:"forceRecrawl,omitempty"`

ProcessRequest represents the json payload of the request

type ProcessResponse

type ProcessResponse struct {
	Location string `json:"location"`

ProcessResponse represents the response from a requested processing

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