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var (
	// ErrNoSession indicates no auth token was supplied as part of a request
	ErrNoSession = status.Errorf(codes.Unauthenticated, "no session information")


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type ArgoCDServer

type ArgoCDServer struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

ArgoCDServer is the API server for Argo CD

func NewServer

func NewServer(ctx context.Context, opts ArgoCDServerOpts) *ArgoCDServer

NewServer returns a new instance of the Argo CD API server

func (*ArgoCDServer) Authenticate

func (a *ArgoCDServer) Authenticate(ctx context.Context) (context.Context, error)

Authenticate checks for the presence of a valid token when accessing server-side resources.

func (*ArgoCDServer) Run

func (a *ArgoCDServer) Run(ctx context.Context, port int, metricsPort int)

Run runs the API Server We use to generate the .proto files from the API types. go-to-protobuf uses protoc-gen-gogo, which comes from gogo/protobuf (a fork of golang/protobuf).

func (*ArgoCDServer) Shutdown

func (a *ArgoCDServer) Shutdown()

Shutdown stops the Argo CD server

type ArgoCDServerOpts

type ArgoCDServerOpts struct {
	DisableAuth         bool
	Insecure            bool
	ListenPort          int
	MetricsPort         int
	Namespace           string
	DexServerAddr       string
	StaticAssetsDir     string
	BaseHRef            string
	RootPath            string
	KubeClientset       kubernetes.Interface
	AppClientset        appclientset.Interface
	RepoClientset       repoapiclient.Clientset
	Cache               *servercache.Cache
	RedisClient         *redis.Client
	TLSConfigCustomizer tlsutil.ConfigCustomizer
	XFrameOptions       string

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