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Published: Aug 27, 2019 | License: MIT | Module:


func NewDevelopment

func NewDevelopment() (log.Logger, error)

NewDevelopment returns a logger at debug level and log into STDERR

func NewDevelopmentForTest

func NewDevelopmentForTest(s suite.Suite) log.Logger

NewDevelopmentForTest is a helper to create new development logger in unit test

func NewLogger

func NewLogger(zapLogger *zap.Logger) log.Logger

NewLogger returns a new logger

func NewNopLogger

func NewNopLogger() log.Logger

NewNopLogger returns a no-op logger

func NewReplayLogger

func NewReplayLogger(logger log.Logger, ctx workflow.Context, enableLogInReplay bool) log.Logger

NewReplayLogger creates a logger which is aware of cadence's replay mode

func NewThrottledLogger

func NewThrottledLogger(logger log.Logger, rps dynamicconfig.IntPropertyFn) log.Logger

NewThrottledLogger returns an implementation of logger that throttles the log messages being emitted. The underlying implementation uses a token bucket ratelimiter and stops emitting logs once the bucket runs out of tokens

Fatal/Panic logs are always emitted without any throttling

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