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func CheckDuplicate

func CheckDuplicate(list []string) []string

    CheckDuplicate finds if there are duplicated items in a list.

    func ContainsString

    func ContainsString(slice []string, s string) bool

    func DumpJSON

    func DumpJSON(o interface{}) string

      DumpJSON returns the JSON encoding

      func GetPodNames

      func GetPodNames(pods []*v1.Pod) sets.String

        GetPodNames returns names of the given Pods array

        func MergePods

        func MergePods(pods1, pods2 []*v1.Pod) []*v1.Pod

          MergePods merges two pods arrays

          func RemoveString

          func RemoveString(slice []string, s string) (result []string)

          func SlowStartBatch

          func SlowStartBatch(count int, initialBatchSize int, fn func(index int) error) (int, error)

            SlowStartBatch tries to call the provided function a total of 'count' times, starting slow to check for errors, then speeding up if calls succeed.

            It groups the calls into batches, starting with a group of initialBatchSize. Within each batch, it may call the function multiple times concurrently with its index.

            If a whole batch succeeds, the next batch may get exponentially larger. If there are any failures in a batch, all remaining batches are skipped after waiting for the current batch to complete.

            It returns the number of successful calls to the function.


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