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type AgentService

type AgentService interface {
	GetSamplingRate(service, operation string) (float64, error)

AgentService is the service used to report traces to the collector.

func NewAgentService

func NewAgentService(url string, logger *zap.Logger) AgentService

NewAgentService returns an instance of AgentService.

type QueryService

type QueryService interface {
	GetTraces(serviceName, operation string, tags map[string]string) ([]*ui.Trace, error)

QueryService is the service used to query cassandra tables for traces

func NewQueryService

func NewQueryService(url string, logger *zap.Logger) QueryService

NewQueryService returns an instance of QueryService.

type TraceHandler

type TraceHandler struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

TraceHandler handles creating traces and verifying them

func NewTraceHandler

func NewTraceHandler(query QueryService, agent AgentService, logger *zap.Logger) *TraceHandler

NewTraceHandler returns a TraceHandler that can create traces and verify them

func (*TraceHandler) AdaptiveSamplingTest

func (h *TraceHandler) AdaptiveSamplingTest(t crossdock.T)

AdaptiveSamplingTest creates traces by hitting a client service and validates that the sampling probability has changed.

The test creates a stream of traces which gets the adaptive sampler processor to start calculating the probability. The test will wait until the sampling rates are calculated before creating a large amount of traces with the hopes that at least one trace will be sampled with the new sampling probability. The test will make sure the new traces were indeed sampled with a calculated probability by checking span tags.

func (*TraceHandler) EndToEndTest

func (h *TraceHandler) EndToEndTest(t crossdock.T)

EndToEndTest creates a trace by hitting a client service and validates the trace

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