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func CollectGenTxsCmd

func CollectGenTxsCmd(ctx *server.Context, cdc *codec.Codec,
	genAccIterator types.GenesisAccountsIterator, defaultNodeHome string) *cobra.Command

    CollectGenTxsCmd - return the cobra command to collect genesis transactions

    func CollectStdTxs

    func CollectStdTxs(cdc *codec.Codec, moniker, genTxsDir string,
    	genDoc tmtypes.GenesisDoc, genAccIterator types.GenesisAccountsIterator,
    ) (appGenTxs []authtypes.StdTx, persistentPeers string, err error)

      CollectStdTxs processes and validates application's genesis StdTxs and returns the list of appGenTxs, and persistent peers required to generate genesis.json.

      func GenAppStateFromConfig

      func GenAppStateFromConfig(cdc *codec.Codec, config *cfg.Config,
      	initCfg types.InitConfig, genDoc tmtypes.GenesisDoc,
      	genAccIterator types.GenesisAccountsIterator,
      ) (appState json.RawMessage, err error)

      func GenTxCmd

      func GenTxCmd(ctx *server.Context, cdc *codec.Codec, mbm module.BasicManager, smbh StakingMsgBuildingHelpers,
      	genAccIterator types.GenesisAccountsIterator, defaultNodeHome, defaultCLIHome string) *cobra.Command

        GenTxCmd builds the application's gentx command. nolint: errcheck

        func GetCmdCreateValidator

        func GetCmdCreateValidator(cdc *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

          GetCmdCreateValidator is the CLI command for sending a CreateValidator transaction

          func GetCmdValidatorName

          func GetCmdValidatorName(queryRoute string, cdc *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

          func GetCmdValidatorsAll

          func GetCmdValidatorsAll(queryRoute string, cdc *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

          func GetCmdVote

          func GetCmdVote(queryRoute string, cdc *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

          func GetCmdVoteValidator

          func GetCmdVoteValidator(cdc *codec.Codec, use string, inFavor bool) *cobra.Command

            GetCmdVoteValidator is the CLI command for sending a VoteValidator transaction

            func GetCmdVotesAll

            func GetCmdVotesAll(queryRoute string, cdc *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

            func GetQueryCmd

            func GetQueryCmd(queryRoute string, cdc *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

              GetQueryCmd returns the cli query commands for this module

              func GetTxCmd

              func GetTxCmd(cdc *codec.Codec) *cobra.Command

                GetTxCmd returns the transaction commands for this module


                type StakingMsgBuildingHelpers

                type StakingMsgBuildingHelpers interface {
                	CreateValidatorMsgHelpers(ipDefault string) (fs *flag.FlagSet, nodeIDFlag, pubkeyFlag, amountFlag, defaultsDesc string)
                	PrepareFlagsForTxCreateValidator(config *cfg.Config, nodeID, chainID string, valPubKey crypto.PubKey)
                	BuildCreateValidatorMsg(cliCtx context.CLIContext, txBldr auth.TxBuilder) (auth.TxBuilder, sdk.Msg, error)

                  StakingMsgBuildingHelpers helpers for message building gen-tx command