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const (
	None      = shared.None
	Started   = shared.Started
	Stopped   = shared.Stopped
	Completed = shared.Completed
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const DefaultTrackerAnnounceTimeout = 15 * time.Second

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var ErrBadScheme = errors.New("unknown scheme")


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type Announce

type Announce struct {
	TrackerUrl string
	Request    AnnounceRequest
	HostHeader string
	HTTPProxy  func(*http.Request) (*url.URL, error)
	ServerName string
	UserAgent  string
	UdpNetwork string
	// If the port is zero, it's assumed to be the same as the Request.Port.
	ClientIp4 krpc.NodeAddr
	// If the port is zero, it's assumed to be the same as the Request.Port.
	ClientIp6 krpc.NodeAddr
	Context   context.Context
	Logger    log.Logger

func (Announce) Do

func (me Announce) Do() (res AnnounceResponse, err error)

type AnnounceEvent

type AnnounceEvent = udp.AnnounceEvent

type AnnounceOpt added in v1.29.0

type AnnounceOpt = trHttp.AnnounceOpt

type AnnounceRequest

type AnnounceRequest = udp.AnnounceRequest

type AnnounceResponse

type AnnounceResponse = trHttp.AnnounceResponse

type Client added in v1.29.0

type Client interface {
	Announce(context.Context, AnnounceRequest, AnnounceOpt) (AnnounceResponse, error)
	Close() error

func NewClient added in v1.29.0

func NewClient(urlStr string, opts NewClientOpts) (Client, error)

type NewClientOpts added in v1.29.0

type NewClientOpts struct {
	Http trHttp.NewClientOpts
	// Overrides the network in the scheme. Probably a legacy thing.
	UdpNetwork string
	Logger     log.Logger

type Peer

type Peer = trHttp.Peer


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