Package iplist handles the P2P Plaintext Format described by



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func IPNetLast

func IPNetLast(in *net.IPNet) (last net.IP)

Returns the last, inclusive IP in a net.IPNet.

func MMapPackedFile

func MMapPackedFile(filename string) (
	ret interface {
	err error,


type IPList

type IPList struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(initSorted []Range) *IPList

Create a new IP list. The given ranges must already sorted by the lower bound IP in each range. Behaviour is undefined for lists of overlapping ranges.

func NewFromReader

func NewFromReader(f io.Reader) (ret *IPList, err error)

Creates an IPList from a line-delimited P2P Plaintext file.

func (*IPList) Lookup

func (ipl *IPList) Lookup(ip net.IP) (r Range, ok bool)

Return the range the given IP is in. ok if false if no range is found.

func (*IPList) NumRanges

func (ipl *IPList) NumRanges() int

func (*IPList) WritePacked

func (ipl *IPList) WritePacked(w io.Writer) (err error)

type PackedIPList

type PackedIPList []byte

func NewFromPacked

func NewFromPacked(b []byte) PackedIPList

func (PackedIPList) Lookup

func (pil PackedIPList) Lookup(ip net.IP) (r Range, ok bool)

func (PackedIPList) NumRanges

func (pil PackedIPList) NumRanges() int

type Range

type Range struct {
	First, Last net.IP
	Description string

func ParseBlocklistP2PLine

func ParseBlocklistP2PLine(l []byte) (r Range, ok bool, err error)

Parse a line of the PeerGuardian Text Lists (P2P) Format. Returns !ok but no error if a line doesn't contain a range but isn't erroneous, such as comment and blank lines.

func ParseCIDRListReader

func ParseCIDRListReader(r io.Reader) (ret []Range, err error)

func (Range) String

func (r Range) String() string

type Ranger

type Ranger interface {
	// Return a Range containing the IP.
	Lookup(net.IP) (r Range, ok bool)
	// If your ranges hurt, use this.
	NumRanges() int

An abstraction of IP list implementations.


Path Synopsis
Takes P2P blocklist text format in stdin, and outputs the packed format from the iplist package.
Takes P2P blocklist text format in stdin, and outputs the packed format from the iplist package.