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const MODE_SV = 1
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const MODE_USER = 0

cpu modes


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type CPU

type CPU struct {
	Speed uint32 // in milliseconds

	Type uint

	Cycles    uint32 // number of cycles used by last step
	AllCycles uint64 // cumulative number of cycles of CPU instance
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

func New

func New(b emu.Bus, name string) *CPU

func (*CPU) Dissasm

func (c *CPU) Dissasm() string

func (*CPU) Enable

func (cpu *CPU) Enable(state bool)

func (*CPU) Execute

func (c *CPU) Execute() uint32

func (*CPU) GetAllCycles

func (cpu *CPU) GetAllCycles() uint64

to fulfill interface, that doesn't allow direct acces to fields

func (*CPU) GetCycles

func (cpu *CPU) GetCycles() uint32

func (*CPU) GetName

func (cpu *CPU) GetName() string

func (*CPU) GetRegisters

func (c *CPU) GetRegisters() map[string]uint32

func (*CPU) GetType

func (cpu *CPU) GetType() uint

func (*CPU) IsEnabled

func (cpu *CPU) IsEnabled() bool

func (*CPU) Read_8

func (c *CPU) Read_8(addr uint32) byte

func (*CPU) Reset

func (c *CPU) Reset()

func (*CPU) ResetCycles

func (cpu *CPU) ResetCycles()

to fulfill interface, that doesn't allow direct acces to fields

func (*CPU) SetPC

func (c *CPU) SetPC(val uint32)

func (*CPU) SetRegister

func (c *CPU) SetRegister(reg string, val uint32) error

func (*CPU) StatusString

func (c *CPU) StatusString() string

func (*CPU) Step

func (c *CPU) Step() uint32

func (*CPU) TriggerIRQ

func (c *CPU) TriggerIRQ()

func (*CPU) Write_8

func (c *CPU) Write_8(addr uint32, val byte)

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