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const (
	MavenArchetypePluginVersion = "3.0.1"


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type ArchetypeFilter

type ArchetypeFilter struct {
	GroupIds         []string
	GroupIdFilter    string
	ArtifactIdFilter string
	Version          string

type ArchetypeForm

type ArchetypeForm struct {
	ArchetypeGroupId    string
	ArchetypeArtifactId string
	ArchetypeVersion    string

	GroupId    string
	ArtifactId string
	Package    string
	Version    string

type ArchetypeModel

type ArchetypeModel struct {
	Groups map[string]*GroupArchectypes

func LoadArchetypes

func LoadArchetypes(name string, archetypeCatalogURL string, cacheDir string) (*ArchetypeModel, error)

func NewArchetypeModel

func NewArchetypeModel() ArchetypeModel

func (*ArchetypeModel) AddArtifact

func (m *ArchetypeModel) AddArtifact(a *ArtifactData) *ArtifactVersions

func (*ArchetypeModel) ArtifactIDs

func (m *ArchetypeModel) ArtifactIDs(groupId string, filter string) []string

func (*ArchetypeModel) CreateSurvey

func (model *ArchetypeModel) CreateSurvey(data *ArchetypeFilter, pickVersion bool, form *ArchetypeForm) error

func (*ArchetypeModel) GroupIDs

func (m *ArchetypeModel) GroupIDs(filter string) []string

func (*ArchetypeModel) Versions

func (m *ArchetypeModel) Versions(groupId string, artifactId, filter string) []string

type ArtifactData

type ArtifactData struct {
	GroupId     string
	ArtifactId  string
	Version     string
	Description string

type ArtifactVersions

type ArtifactVersions struct {
	GroupId     string
	ArtifactId  string
	Description string
	Versions    []string

type GroupArchectypes

type GroupArchectypes struct {
	GroupId   string
	Artifacts map[string]*ArtifactVersions

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