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type Store

type Store struct{}

Store implements a snapstate.StoreService where every single method panics.

Embed in your own fakeStore to avoid having to keep up with that interface's evolution when it's unrelated to your code.

func (Store) Assertion

func (Store) Buy

func (Store) ConnectivityCheck

func (Store) ConnectivityCheck() (map[string]bool, error)

func (Store) CreateCohorts

func (Store) CreateCohorts(context.Context, []string) (map[string]string, error)

func (Store) DownloadAssertions

func (Store) DownloadAssertions([]string, *asserts.Batch, *auth.UserState) error

func (Store) DownloadStream

func (Store) DownloadStream(ctx context.Context, name string, downloadInfo *snap.DownloadInfo, resume int64, user *auth.UserState) (io.ReadCloser, int, error)

func (Store) EnsureDeviceSession

func (Store) EnsureDeviceSession() (*auth.DeviceState, error)

func (Store) Find

func (Store) LoginUser

func (Store) LoginUser(username, password, otp string) (string, string, error)

func (Store) ReadyToBuy

func (Store) ReadyToBuy(*auth.UserState) error

func (Store) Sections

func (Store) Sections(context.Context, *auth.UserState) ([]string, error)

func (Store) SeqFormingAssertion

func (Store) SeqFormingAssertion(*asserts.AssertionType, []string, int, *auth.UserState) (asserts.Assertion, error)

func (Store) SnapInfo

func (Store) SuggestedCurrency

func (Store) SuggestedCurrency() string

func (Store) UserInfo

func (Store) UserInfo(email string) (userinfo *store.User, err error)

func (Store) WriteCatalogs

func (Store) WriteCatalogs(context.Context, io.Writer, store.SnapAdder) error

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