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type Discoverer

type Discoverer interface {
	Instances() ([]string, error)

Discoverer listens to a service discovery system and yields a set of identical instance locations. An error indicates a problem with connectivity to the service discovery system, or within the system itself; a subscriber may yield no endpoints without error.

type Dispatcher

type Dispatcher struct {
	// contains filtered or unexported fields

Dispatcher can register/unregister observers and pass notifications to them

func (*Dispatcher) Notify

func (d *Dispatcher) Notify(instances []string)

Notify sends instances to all Observers

func (*Dispatcher) Register

func (d *Dispatcher) Register(ch chan<- []string)

Register adds an observer to the list.

func (*Dispatcher) Unregister

func (d *Dispatcher) Unregister(ch chan<- []string)

Unregister removes an observer from the list.

type FixedDiscoverer

type FixedDiscoverer []string

FixedDiscoverer yields a fixed set of instances.

func (FixedDiscoverer) Instances

func (d FixedDiscoverer) Instances() ([]string, error)

Instances implements Discoverer.

type Notifier

type Notifier interface {
	Register(chan<- []string)
	Unregister(chan<- []string)

Notifier listens to a service discovery system and notifies registered observers of changes in the resource instances. A complete set of instances is always provided to the observers.


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